AWP Skins

The default AWP

Browse and buy CS2 skins for the AWP. High risk and high reward, the infamous AWP is recognizable by its signature report and one-shot, one-kill policy.

All CS2 skins for the AWP


Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Asiimov
$62.08 - $153.59$99.09 - $304.50
The Phoenix Collection AWP Asiimov Skin & Pricing Details

Chromatic Aberration

Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Chromatic Aberration
$3.72 - $17.85$11.14 - $49.65

Chrome Cannon

Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Chrome Cannon
$20.90 - $146.32$44.60 - $381.82

Containment Breach

Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Containment Breach
$37.97 - $399.87$70.21 - $771.58
The Shattered Web Collection AWP Containment Breach Skin & Pricing Details

Desert Hydra

Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Desert Hydra
$1279.48 - $15533.10$1249.00 - $12000.00
The 2021 Mirage Collection AWP Desert Hydra Skin & Pricing Details

Dragon Lore

Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Dragon Lore
$3846.61 - $12150.90
The Cobblestone Collection AWP Dragon Lore Skin & Pricing Details


Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Fade
$950.47 - $1528.74
The Control Collection AWP Fade Skin & Pricing Details


Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Gungnir
$6929.32 - $12387.10
The Norse Collection AWP Gungnir Skin & Pricing Details

Hyper Beast

Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Hyper Beast
$13.97 - $194.20$38.01 - $286.49
The Falchion Collection AWP Hyper Beast Skin & Pricing Details

Lightning Strike

Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Lightning Strike
$476.71 - $708.56$672.72 - $1349.00


Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Man-o
$27.80 - $39.35$61.27 - $95.50


Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Medusa
$1639.90 - $6231.92
The Gods and Monsters Collection AWP Medusa Skin & Pricing Details


Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Neo-Noir
$15.57 - $34.50$36.00 - $93.45
The Danger Zone Collection AWP Neo-Noir Skin & Pricing Details

Oni Taiji

Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Oni Taiji
$151.31 - $568.00$256.97 - $1153.95
The Operation Hydra Collection AWP Oni Taiji Skin & Pricing Details

The Prince

Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP The Prince
$1825.63 - $3794.99


Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Wildfire
$25.93 - $141.54$55.56 - $277.64


Classified Sniper Rifle
$68.00 - $381.62$139.76 - $650.00
The eSports 2013 Collection AWP BOOM Skin & Pricing Details


Classified Sniper Rifle
AWP Corticera
$10.74 - $42.02$24.10 - $113.70
The eSports 2014 Summer Collection AWP Corticera Skin & Pricing Details


Classified Sniper Rifle
AWP Duality
$1.05 - $12.61$3.90 - $60.12
The Revolution Collection AWP Duality Skin & Pricing Details

Electric Hive

Classified Sniper Rifle
AWP Electric Hive
$24.41 - $75.73$38.28 - $150.00
The eSports 2013 Winter Collection AWP Electric Hive Skin & Pricing Details

Elite Build

Classified Sniper Rifle
AWP Elite Build
$10.43 - $35.20$16.72 - $82.00
The Wildfire Collection AWP Elite Build Skin & Pricing Details

Fever Dream

Classified Sniper Rifle
AWP Fever Dream
$6.65 - $14.48$14.04 - $36.89
The Spectrum Collection AWP Fever Dream Skin & Pricing Details


Classified Sniper Rifle
AWP Graphite
$113.34 - $189.77$288.03 - $1000.00


Classified Sniper Rifle
AWP Mortis
$1.10 - $7.36$3.26 - $16.93
The Clutch Collection AWP Mortis Skin & Pricing Details


Classified Sniper Rifle
AWP Redline
$36.99 - $75.61$54.99 - $334.59
The Winter Offensive Collection AWP Redline Skin & Pricing Details

Silk Tiger

Classified Sniper Rifle
AWP Silk Tiger
$106.00 - $1150.00


Restricted Sniper Rifle
AWP Atheris
$1.55 - $13.82$3.68 - $38.19
The Prisma Collection AWP Atheris Skin & Pricing Details


Restricted Sniper Rifle
AWP Exoskeleton
$1.93 - $8.66$0.05 - $32.49
The Operation Broken Fang Collection AWP Exoskeleton Skin & Pricing Details


Restricted Sniper Rifle
$0.87 - $3.93$3.02 - $15.80
The Horizon Collection AWP PAW Skin & Pricing Details


Restricted Sniper Rifle
AWP Phobos
$0.71 - $3.14$2.50 - $15.30
The Gamma Collection AWP Phobos Skin & Pricing Details


Restricted Sniper Rifle
$19.51 - $152.19$14.00 - $1112.19
The Overpass Collection AWP Pink DDPAT Skin & Pricing Details

Pit Viper

Restricted Sniper Rifle
AWP Pit Viper
$0.14 - $0.51$326.32 - $1549.00


Restricted Sniper Rifle
$3.46 - $10.01
The 2021 Train Collection AWP POP AWP Skin & Pricing Details

Worm God

Restricted Sniper Rifle
AWP Worm God
$0.81 - $2.67$2.58 - $7.00
The Chroma 2 Collection AWP Worm God Skin & Pricing Details


Mil-spec Sniper Rifle
AWP Acheron
$0.17 - $1.52$3.50 - $70.46
The 2018 Nuke Collection AWP Acheron Skin & Pricing Details

Black Nile

Mil-spec Sniper Rifle
AWP Black Nile
$1.07 - $5.01$5.27 - $43.03


Mil-spec Sniper Rifle
AWP Capillary
$0.11 - $2.00$0.68 - $10.31
The Prisma 2 Collection AWP Capillary Skin & Pricing Details

Snake Camo

Mil-spec Sniper Rifle
AWP Snake Camo
$70.78 - $411.85

Safari Mesh

Industrial Sniper Rifle
AWP Safari Mesh
$0.03 - $1.10$118.56 - $1965.00

Sun in Leo

Industrial Sniper Rifle
AWP Sun in Leo
$15.86 - $47.60
The Gods and Monsters Collection AWP Sun in Leo Skin & Pricing Details

About AWP Skins

History of the AWP in Counter-Strike

The AWP (Arctic Warfare Police) has a long history within the Counter-Strike series, dating back to the original game, Counter-Strike 1.6. The AWP was introduced as one of the primary sniper rifles available to players.

In its earliest iterations, the AWP was a powerful and highly lethal weapon, capable of taking down enemies with a single shot to the chest or head. Its high damage output and long-range capabilities made it a formidable choice for skilled players who could effectively utilize its strengths. However, the AWP also came with drawbacks, such as its slow rate of fire, long reload time, and high price tag, balancing its immense firepower with tactical considerations.

As the Counter-Strike series evolved with subsequent releases like Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), the AWP underwent various changes and refinements to its mechanics and aesthetics. In each iteration, developers sought to balance the weapon's power with the overall gameplay experience, tweaking factors such as its damage output, movement speed while scoped, and accuracy to ensure fair and competitive gameplay.

In CS:GO, the AWP remained a staple of the game's meta, prized for its ability to deliver devastating one-shot kills at long range. Its role as a high-risk, high-reward weapon is exemplified by its hefty price tag and the skill required to wield it effectively. The AWP has become synonymous with skilled marksmanship and clutch plays, with professional players often wielding it to turn the tide of matches in high-stakes tournaments.

In CS2, the magazine size of the AWP was reduced from 10 rounds down to 5 rounds, likely to encourage more tactical use of the weapon, rather than spamming shots down the middle of the map (e.g. on Dust 2).


Some of the most popular AWP skins in CS2/CS:GO have gained prominence due to their aesthetic appeal, rarity, and sometimes their association with professional players or teams. Among these, the AWP Dragon Lore stands out as one of the most iconic and sought-after skins in the game. Its design features a detailed illustration of a dragon on the body of the weapon. The Dragon Lore's rarity, as it's currently only obtainable through opening Cobblestone Collection souvenir packages (which are now discontinued), adds to its allure and exclusivity.

Additionally, its association with the legendary AWP player Kenny "kennyS" Schrub further elevates its status, as he famously used a Dragon Lore during his time with Team EnVyUs.

The Dragon Lore's price can vary significantly depending on factors such as wear condition and float value, with Factory New and Minimal Wear versions commanding the highest prices due to their pristine appearance.

Did you know?

AWP Technical Specifications

Detail Value
Ammunition AWP has 5 in the weapon/magazine with 30 in reserve for a total of 35.
Damage AWP deals 115 damage per shot before any deductions for armour and range penalties.
Fire Rate AWP has a fire rate of 0 shots per second.
Recoil Control AWP has a bullet grouping accuracy of 72 when fired rapidly or on full-auto.
Accurate Range AWP has a first shot accuracy of 76 meters when hitting a 30cm diamater target.
Armour Penetration AWP has an armour penetration value of 195.