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AWP | Black Nile

Black Nile
24 April 2023
Souvenir Available

The AWP Black Nile is a CS2 and CS:GO skin from The Anubis Collection and was introduced 1 month ago on 24 April 2023. The skin is Mil-spec rarity. It has a float score between 0 and 0.75 making it available in wear conditions ranging from Factory New to Battle-Scarred.

The Black Nile is available in souvenir quality and can be unboxed from souvenir packages.

  Descriptive Text

The lines of this custom paint job resemble grooves on a topographical map.

  Flavor Text

Bleed between the lines

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The cheapest market to purchase the AWP | Black Nile skin is Skinport for $2.77.
Condition Steam Skinport logo ShadowPay logo
Factory New $12.55 $13.21 $12.68
Minimal Wear $6.33 $7.00 $6.11
Field-Tested $3.85 $2.77 $3.36
Well-Worn No Listings $4.69 $3.93
Battle-Scarred $4.53 $4.81 $4.18
Souvenir Factory New No Listings No Listings No Listings
Souvenir Minimal Wear No Listings No Listings No Listings
Souvenir Field-Tested No Listings $11.62 No Listings
Souvenir Well-Worn No Listings No Listings No Listings
Souvenir Battle-Scarred No Listings $16.31 No Listings


The AWP Black Nile can be unboxed from the following container(s):

Paris 2023 Anubis Souvenir Package

An un-opened Paris 2023 Anubis Souvenir Package


Container Series #384

Anubis Collection Package

An un-opened Anubis Collection Package


Container Series #378

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AWP | Black Nile
Introduced: 24 April 2023
The Anubis Collection