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CS2 features a total of 53 weapons consisting of 10 pistols, 11 rifles, 7 SMGs, 6 heavy weapons and 20 knives (excluding the default CT and T knives). An assortment of over 1,000 CS2 skins are available to customise these weapons.


The CZ75-Auto, USP-S and R8 Revolver were added to CS:GO after it was released in 2012. The USP-S was added alongside the M4A1-S on 14 August 2013 as part of the Arms Deal update. The R8 Revolver was added on 8 December 2015 as part of the 2015 Winter Update.

A total of 352 CS2 pistol skins exist.


The M4A1-S is the only rifle to be added to CS:GO after it was released in 2012. The M4A1-S joined the lineup on 14 August 2013 as part of the Arms Deal update.

A total of 385 CS2 rifle skins exist.


The MP5-SD was added to CS:GO on 15 August 2018 and is the only silenced SMG in the game.

A total of 240 CS2 SMG skins exist.


The lineup of heavy weapons consists of shotguns and machine guns and has remain unchanged since the release of CS:GO in 2012.

A total of 180 CS2 heavy skins exist.


Knives were first introduced as a rare special item in the CS:GO Weapon Case and consisted of the Bayonet, Flip Knife, Gut Knife, Karambit and M9 Bayonet.

All knives are covert rarity, feature a star prefix (★) and available in StatTrak quality.

A total of 404 CS2 knife skins exist.

There are several different types of knives available in CS2, each with its own unique design and characteristics. The most common type of knife is the default knife, which is a standard military-style knife with a black handle and a silver blade. Other types of knives include the flip knife, which has a hinged blade that can be opened and closed with a flick of the wrist; the gut knife, which has a curved blade and a serrated edge for sawing through materials; and the bayonet, which is a long, straight knife with a sharp point that was originally designed for use in close combat.

Knives are not just used as weapons in CS2, but also as a way for players to show off their status and wealth. Players can purchase and trade knives with other players, and the rarity and quality of a player's knife can be a source of pride. Some players even go to great lengths to collect rare and valuable knives, and will pay large sums of money to add them to their collection.

There are also various finishes that can be applied to knives to give them a unique look. These finishes range from simple color changes to more elaborate designs, and can significantly increase the value of a knife. Some examples of knife finishes include the Doppler finish, which gives the knife a shiny, iridescent appearance, and the Marble Fade finish, which gives the knife a gradient effect that fades from one color to another.

Unreleased Knives

With the introduction of the Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) Limited Test two new knives were discovered by data miners within the game files. The knives were the Kukri and Twinblade. The Kukri Knife was first released in 2024 as the rare special item in the Kilowatt Case. It is unknown if or when the Twinblade will ever be introduced.

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