Revolution Case

An unopened Revolution Case

The Revolution Case is a CS2/CS:GO weapon case introduced 1 year ago on 09 February 2023 as part of the "Case, Capsule, Kit, Oh My!" update. The weapon case contains CS2/CS:GO skins from The Revolution Collection.

It was the first weapon case to be released in 2023 and over 7 months after the release of the Recoil Case on 01 July 2022.

Some of the skins such as the M4A4 Temukau and MAC-10 Sakkaku are anime themed.

The rare special items in this case are the gloves which first appeared in the Clutch Case.


Revolution Case
Container Series
The Revolution Collection
Consumer Grade
09 February 2023

All CS2 skins in the Revolution Case

AK-47Head Shot

Covert Rifle
AK-47 Head Shot
$4.27 - $95.06$11.07 - $190.65
The Revolution Collection AK-47 Head Shot Skin & Pricing Details


Covert Rifle
M4A4 Temukau
$4.57 - $128.48$12.68 - $258.89
The Revolution Collection M4A4 Temukau Skin & Pricing Details

P2000Wicked Sick

Classified Pistol
P2000 Wicked Sick
$0.91 - $12.64$1.52 - $32.11
The Revolution Collection P2000 Wicked Sick Skin & Pricing Details

UMP-45Wild Child

Classified SMG
UMP-45 Wild Child
$0.86 - $19.10$1.69 - $27.59
The Revolution Collection UMP-45 Wild Child Skin & Pricing Details


Classified Sniper Rifle
AWP Duality
$1.05 - $12.61$3.96 - $60.12
The Revolution Collection AWP Duality Skin & Pricing Details


Restricted SMG
P90 Neoqueen
$0.24 - $1.50$0.48 - $3.87
The Revolution Collection P90 Neoqueen Skin & Pricing Details

R8 RevolverBanana Cannon

Restricted Pistol
R8 Revolver Banana Cannon
$0.18 - $1.90$0.35 - $5.23


Restricted Rifle
M4A1-S Emphorosaur-S
$0.28 - $2.69$1.11 - $9.09


Restricted SMG
MAC-10 Sakkaku
$0.17 - $1.11$0.43 - $3.64
The Revolution Collection MAC-10 Sakkaku Skin & Pricing Details

Glock-18Umbral Rabbit

Restricted Pistol
Glock-18 Umbral Rabbit
$0.18 - $1.74$0.46 - $5.92


Mil-spec Shotgun
MAG-7 Insomnia
$0.03 - $0.89$0.07 - $1.17
The Revolution Collection MAG-7 Insomnia Skin & Pricing Details


Mil-spec SMG
MP9 Featherweight
$0.03 - $0.30$0.07 - $1.60
The Revolution Collection MP9 Featherweight Skin & Pricing Details


Mil-spec Sniper Rifle
SCAR-20 Fragments
$0.03 - $0.37$0.06 - $0.95
The Revolution Collection SCAR-20 Fragments Skin & Pricing Details


Mil-spec Pistol
P250 Re.built
$0.03 - $0.27$0.07 - $1.00
The Revolution Collection P250 Re.built Skin & Pricing Details


Mil-spec SMG
MP5-SD Liquidation
$0.03 - $0.30$0.07 - $1.48
The Revolution Collection MP5-SD Liquidation Skin & Pricing Details

SG 553Cyberforce

Mil-spec Rifle
SG 553 Cyberforce
$0.03 - $0.55$0.07 - $1.46
The Revolution Collection SG 553 Cyberforce Skin & Pricing Details


Mil-spec Pistol
Tec-9 Rebel
$0.03 - $0.26$0.07 - $1.17
The Revolution Collection Tec-9 Rebel Skin & Pricing Details

All Rare Special Items in the Revolution Case

A total of 24 possible rare special items exist. The odds of unboxing a rare special item from a weapon case is 0.26%.

The cheapest rare special item in the Revolution Case is the Hydra Gloves Emerald for $56.55 and the most expensive is the Sport Gloves Vice for $19555.00.

Moto GlovesPolygon

Extraordinary Gloves
Moto Gloves Polygon
$100.84 - $1400.00

Moto GlovesPOW!

Extraordinary Gloves
Moto Gloves POW!
$81.31 - $1482.31

Moto GlovesTurtle

Extraordinary Gloves
Moto Gloves Turtle
$75.29 - $1100.00

Sport GlovesOmega

Extraordinary Gloves
Sport Gloves Omega
$206.27 - $7000.00

Sport GlovesVice

Extraordinary Gloves
Sport Gloves Vice
$520.00 - $19555.00

Current Market Prices

Marketplace Revolution Case
Steam logo $0.31
Skinport logo $0.28
DMarket logo $0.31
CS.MONEY logo $0.26
BitSkins logo $0.22

Steam Market Statistics

First Appeared
10 February 2023

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How to obtain

The Revolution Case is a prime CS2 item which has a chance of being offered to players with prime status once per week as part of their weekly care package.

The weekly care package contains four items, of which one or more random weapon cases are selected from the prime case pool and/or rare case pool to be offered to the player. Only two out of the four items offered can be redeemed.

Since the Revolution Case belongs to the prime case drop pool it has much higher odds of being offered to prime players on rankup than rare case drops such as the original CS:GO Weapon Case.

Alternatively, it can be obtained by trading with other players, or purchasing from the Steam Community Marketplace and some third-party marketplaces.

Did you know?

The Revolution Case originally shipped with an AWP Doodle Lore skin. However, on 12 February 2023 just three days after the skin was released, the Doodle Lore came under scrutiny after the original artist Vexx revealed that their work had been used without their knowledge or consent.

It was confirmed that Vexx intended to file a DMCA with Valve to have their copyrighted work removed from the game.

A few days later on 16 February 2023 the skin was removed from the game entirely and replaced with the AWP Duality.

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