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The default Zeus x27

Browse and buy CS2 skins for the Zeus x27. Perfect for close-range ambushes and enclosed area encounters, the single-shot x27 Zeus is capable of incapacitating an enemy in a single hit.

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Classified Pistol
Zeus x27 Olympus
$7.83 - $70.02$25.60 - $117.01
The Kilowatt Collection Zeus x27 Olympus Skin & Pricing Details

Zeus x27 Technical Specifications

Detail Value
Ammunition Zeus x27 has 1 in the weapon/magazine with 0 in reserve for a total of 1.
Damage Zeus x27 deals 500 damage per shot before any deductions for armour and range penalties.
Fire Rate Zeus x27 has a fire rate of 6 shots per second.
Recoil Control Zeus x27 has a bullet grouping accuracy of 106 when fired rapidly or on full-auto.
Accurate Range Zeus x27 has a first shot accuracy of 56 meters when hitting a 30cm diamater target.
Armour Penetration Zeus x27 has an armour penetration value of 200.