MAC-10 | Copper Borre

CS2 Skin MAC-10 Copper Borre

The MAC-10 Copper Borre is a CS2 skin from The Norse Collection and was introduced 4 years ago on 18 November 2019. The skin is mil-spec rarity.

Compare Skin Market Prices

The cheapest price for the MAC-10 | Copper Borre is $95.32. The most expensive price by comparison is $125.90.

The lowest price for each variant across all markets are listed in green in the table below.


The MAC-10 Copper Borre cannot be unboxed from any weapon cases or souvenir packages. It was only available for a limited time and is unlikely to be made available again in the future.



A Norse inspired pattern of gold interlocking rings has been applied.

Flavor Text

We end the way we began; in the dirt

All Copper Borre Skins

Copper Borre

Mil-spec SMG
MAC-10 Copper Borre
$93.00 - $433.00

Alternative MAC-10 Skins

Below are some alternative CS2 skins of Mil-spec rarity for the MAC-10:


Mil-spec SMG
MAC-10 Carnivore
$0.10 - $0.47$0.14 - $4.00

Lapis Gator

Mil-spec SMG
MAC-10 Lapis Gator
$0.55 - $0.95$0.49 - $3.40


Mil-spec SMG
MAC-10 Rangeen
$0.15 - $0.58$0.35 - $2.20


Mil-spec SMG
MAC-10 Ultraviolet
$1.17 - $34.97$1.30 - $750.00
The eSports 2014 Summer Collection MAC-10 Ultraviolet Skin & Pricing Details


Mil-spec SMG
MAC-10 Fade
$27.70 - $59.50
The Chop Shop Collection MAC-10 Fade Skin & Pricing Details

Nuclear Garden

Mil-spec SMG
MAC-10 Nuclear Garden
$4.64 - $12.82$3.15 - $300.00

Amber Fade

Mil-spec SMG
MAC-10 Amber Fade
$14.73 - $27.06$12.99 - $46.97


Mil-spec SMG
MAC-10 Whitefish
$0.08 - $1.00$0.20 - $3.75