Vypa Sista of the Revolution | Guerrilla Warfare

CS2 Agent Vypa Sista of the Revolution Guerrilla Warfare

Vypa Sista of the Revolution is a CS2/CS:GO agent introduced 2 years ago on 22 September 2021 as part of the Riptide Agents collection. Their affiliation with Guerrilla Warfare makes them a T agent.

"Don’t worry. It’s just me."


Vypa Sista of the Revolution
Guerrilla Warfare
Riptide Agents
Master Agent
22 September 2021

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Steam logo $34.82
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DMarket logo $25.29
CS.MONEY logo $30.87
BitSkins logo $26.92

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First Appeared
21 September 2021

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A notorious rebel and brilliant improviser, Vypa is one of twelve sisters born into poverty and left to fend for themselves at the age of seven. Vypa's solo attacks against her country's military dictatorship were so prolific the military assumed her work was the result of a small team of people. At one point, Vypa mistook a remote Guerrilla Warfare (GW) training ground for a government outpost. Shortly after invoking one of her infamous 'sting and choke' maneuvers on the camp she realized her mistake, but not before she had Capt. Crasswater tied up to a tree and threatened at knife point. Impressed and a little frightened, Crasswater recruited Vypa and her sisters into the GW. Together they now lead all jungle-based GW missions and 'government awareness' campaigns.

Guerrilla Warfare Agents

Guerrilla Warfare'Medium Rare' Crasswater

Master Agent
Guerrilla Warfare
Offers starting from$12.67
Riptide Agents

Guerrilla WarfareVypa Sista of the Revolution

Master Agent
Guerrilla Warfare Vypa Sista of the Revolution
Offers starting from$25.29
Riptide Agents

Guerrilla WarfareCrasswater The Forgotten

Master Agent
Guerrilla Warfare Crasswater The Forgotten
Offers starting from$8.48
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Guerrilla WarfareElite Trapper Solman

Superior Agent
Guerrilla Warfare Elite Trapper Solman
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Superior Agent
Guerrilla Warfare Arno The Overgrown
Offers starting from$5.16
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Guerrilla WarfareCol. Mangos Dabisi

Exceptional Agent
Guerrilla Warfare Col. Mangos Dabisi
Offers starting from$12.40
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Guerrilla WarfareTrapper

Exceptional Agent
Guerrilla Warfare Trapper
Offers starting from$10.14
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Guerrilla WarfareTrapper Aggressor

Distinguished Agent
Guerrilla Warfare Trapper Aggressor
Offers starting from$7.75
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