Trapper Aggressor | Guerrilla Warfare

CS2 Agent Trapper Aggressor Guerrilla Warfare

Trapper Aggressor is a CS2/CS:GO agent introduced 2 years ago on 22 September 2021 as part of the Riptide Agents collection. Their affiliation with Guerrilla Warfare makes them a T agent.

"The promise of air conditioning and iced tea. It works every time."


Trapper Aggressor
Guerrilla Warfare
Riptide Agents
Distinguished Agent
22 September 2021

Current Market Prices and Statistics

Marketplace Trapper Aggressor | Guerrilla Warfare
Steam logo $11.63
Skinport logo $9.46
DMarket logo $7.75
CS.MONEY logo $10.64
BitSkins logo $8.15

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First Appeared
21 September 2021

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The experienced and cunning Trapper Aggressors utilize ruthless efficiency in capturing and securing tourists as hostages. As experts in wetland and jungle-based guerrilla tactics, any rescue missions involving Trapper Aggressors are doomed to fail.

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