Arno The Overgrown | Guerrilla Warfare

CS2 Agent Arno The Overgrown Guerrilla Warfare

Arno The Overgrown is a CS2/CS:GO agent introduced 2 years ago on 22 September 2021 as part of the Riptide Agents collection. Their affiliation with Guerrilla Warfare makes them a T agent.

"It isn't the loneliness that kills you, it's the absence of Melk Tarts."


Arno The Overgrown
Guerrilla Warfare
Riptide Agents
Superior Agent
22 September 2021

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Steam logo $7.88
Skinport logo $5.49
DMarket logo $5.44
CS.MONEY logo $6.09
BitSkins logo $5.70

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First Appeared
21 September 2021

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Disgraced heavyweight boxing champion, Arno The Overgrown was discovered by Guerrilla Warfare (GW) Trappers living out of a cave. Over the years Arno had become an expert survivalist and big-game hunter—able to live off the land for an indefinite amount of time carrying only his flint stick and sharpened hunting knife. Rumors of Arno eventually spread to nearby townships where he came to attention of Guerrilla Warfare (GW). Wanting to recruit Arno's flawless hunting and fighting skills, the GW failed to coax Arno from his habitat, that is, until they threatened to stop visiting him with hot fresh Milk Tarts every month.

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