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M4A4 | Zirka

19 September 2013
StatTrak Available

The M4A4 Zirka is a CS:GO skin from The Bravo Collection and was introduced 10 years ago on 19 September 2013. The skin is Restricted rarity.

The Zirka has a 15.98% chance of being unboxed from a weapon case in Standard quality. The chance of unboxing it in StatTrak quality is much lower at 1.59%.

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Compare prices for the M4A4 Zirka across the Steam Community Market, Skinport and DMarket.

The cheapest price for each skin variation is shown in Green.

Condition Steam Skinport logo DMarket logo Tradeit.GG logo
Factory New $39.73 $42.76 $32.92 $42.27
Minimal Wear $27.23 $22.87 $22.98 $27.53
Field-Tested $27.06 $19.96 $19.33 $29.90
Well-Worn $26.76 $22.91 $24.79 No Listings
StatTrak™ Factory New $179.52 $241.26 $165.00 No Listings
StatTrak™ Minimal Wear $56.78 $50.52 $42.29 No Listings
StatTrak™ Field-Tested $48.47 $37.42 $36.45 $46.56
StatTrak™ Well-Worn $82.46 No Listings $119.00 No Listings


The M4A4 Zirka can be unboxed from the following container(s):

Operation Bravo Case

An un-opened Operation Bravo Case


Container Series #3

All Zirka Skins

Only one Zirka CS:GO skin has been introduced since 2013.


M4A4 | Zirka
Introduced: 19 September 2013
The Bravo Collection

Alternative M4A4 Skins

Some alternative M4A4 skins with the same Restricted rarity include the Evil Daimyo, Griffin, Daybreak, Modern Hunter, Spider Lily, Red DDPAT and Etch Lord.

Evil Daimyo

M4A4 | Evil Daimyo
Introduced: 26 May 2015
The Falchion Collection


M4A4 | Griffin
Introduced: 11 November 2014
The Vanguard Collection


M4A4 | Daybreak
Introduced: 26 May 2015
The Rising Sun Collection

Modern Hunter

M4A4 | Modern Hunter
Introduced: 14 August 2013
The Militia Collection

Spider Lily

M4A4 | Spider Lily
Introduced: 22 September 2021
The Operation Riptide Collection


M4A4 | Red DDPAT
Introduced: 22 September 2021
The 2021 Dust 2 Collection

Etch Lord

M4A4 | Etch Lord
Introduced: 06 February 2024
The Kilowatt Collection