MP5-SD | Kitbash

CS2 Skin MP5-SD Kitbash

The MP5-SD Kitbash is a CS2 skin from The Fracture Collection and was introduced 3 years ago on 06 August 2020. The skin is restricted rarity.

The Kitbash has a 15.98% chance of being unboxed from a weapon case in Standard quality. The chance of unboxing it in StatTrak quality is much lower at 1.59%.

Compare Skin Market Prices

The cheapest price for the MP5-SD | Kitbash is $0.26. The most expensive price by comparison is $3.10.

The lowest price for each variant across all markets are listed in green in the table below.

MarketplaceFactory NewMinimal WearField-TestedWell-WornBattle-ScarredStatTrak™Factory NewStatTrak™Minimal WearStatTrak™Field-TestedStatTrak™Well-WornStatTrak™Battle-Scarred
Steam logo$1.50$0.89$0.52$0.34$0.38$4.01$1.63$0.73$0.79$0.55
Skinport logo$1.26$0.75$0.37$0.38$0.27$4.14$1.45$0.53$0.75$0.41
DMarket logo$1.14$0.76$0.37$0.30$0.26$3.10$1.20$0.54$0.55$0.42
CS.MONEY logo$1.73$0.94$0.51$0.43$0.40$4.73$1.76$0.73$0.77$0.58
BitSkins logo$1.23$0.69$0.40$0.35$0.28$3.17$1.23$0.70$0.74$0.43


The MP5-SD Kitbash can be unboxed from the following containers:

Weapon CaseFracture Case

Consumer Grade Container
Fracture Case
Offers starting from$0.20
Introduced: 06 August 2020



20 years of MP5 designs have contributed to this custom paint job, held together by duct tape, zip ties, and glue.

Flavor Text

If at first (and second and third) you don't succeed…

All Kitbash Skins


Restricted SMG
MP5-SD Kitbash
$0.26 - $1.73$0.41 - $4.73
The Fracture Collection MP5-SD Kitbash Skin & Pricing Details

Alternative MP5-SD Skins

Below are some alternative CS2 skins of Restricted rarity for the MP5-SD:

Lab Rats

Restricted SMG
MP5-SD Lab Rats
$0.07 - $0.20
The Blacksite Collection MP5-SD Lab Rats Skin & Pricing Details


Restricted SMG
MP5-SD Gauss
$0.21 - $1.65$0.34 - $4.48
The Prisma Collection MP5-SD Gauss Skin & Pricing Details


Restricted SMG
MP5-SD Agent
$0.38 - $3.68$0.82 - $1950.00

Autumn Twilly

Restricted SMG
MP5-SD Autumn Twilly
$2.84 - $6500.00