MAG-7 | Copper Coated

CS2 Skin MAG-7 Copper Coated

The MAG-7 Copper Coated is a CS2 skin from The Anubis Collection and was introduced 1 year ago on 24 April 2023. The skin is mil-spec rarity. It has a float score between 0 and 1 making it available in wear conditions ranging from Factory New to Battle-Scarred.

The Copper Coated is available in souvenir quality and can be unboxed from souvenir packages.

Compare Skin Market Prices

The cheapest price for the MAG-7 | Copper Coated is $0.20. The most expensive price by comparison is $3.25.

The lowest price for each variant across all markets are listed in green in the table below.


The MAG-7 Copper Coated cannot be unboxed in normal quality. It can only be unboxed in souvenir quality from the following souvenir packages:

Souvenir PackageCopenhagen 2024 Anubis Souvenir Package

Consumer Grade Container
Copenhagen 2024 Anubis Souvenir Package
Offers starting from$2.37
Introduced: 14 March 2024

Souvenir PackageParis 2023 Anubis Souvenir Package

Consumer Grade Container
Paris 2023 Anubis Souvenir Package
Offers starting from$1.75
Introduced: 05 May 2023

PackageAnubis Collection Package

Consumer Grade Container
Anubis Collection Package
Offers starting from$1.10
Introduced: 24 April 2023



It has been custom painted to look like it was held under a stream of liquid copper.

Flavor Text

This was an accident, not a mistake...

All Copper Coated Skins

Copper Coated

Mil-spec Shotgun
MAG-7 Copper Coated
$0.57 - $2.95$0.18 - $13.77

Alternative MAG-7 Skins

Below are some alternative CS2 skins of Mil-spec rarity for the MAG-7:


Mil-spec Shotgun
MAG-7 Hazard
$9.76 - $141.59


Mil-spec Shotgun
MAG-7 Memento
$4.55 - $17.72$4.62 - $11.86
The eSports 2013 Collection MAG-7 Memento Skin & Pricing Details

Heaven Guard

Mil-spec Shotgun
MAG-7 Heaven Guard
$0.28 - $0.64$0.47 - $1.69

Counter Terrace

Mil-spec Shotgun
MAG-7 Counter Terrace
$75.00 - $249.79


Mil-spec Shotgun
MAG-7 Firestarter
$0.37 - $3.89$1.18 - $100.00

Cobalt Core

Mil-spec Shotgun
MAG-7 Cobalt Core
$0.12 - $0.67$0.27 - $4.39


Mil-spec Shotgun
MAG-7 Sonar
$0.09 - $0.29$0.15 - $1.97
The Glove Collection MAG-7 Sonar Skin & Pricing Details


Mil-spec Shotgun
MAG-7 Popdog
$0.03 - $2.35$0.08 - $1.44