Glock-18 | Ramese's Reach

24 April 2023
Souvenir Available

The Glock-18 Ramese's Reach is a CS:GO skin from The Anubis Collection and was introduced 5 months ago on 24 April 2023. The skin is Restricted rarity. It has a float score between 0 and 1 making it available in wear conditions ranging from Factory New to Battle-Scarred.

The Ramese's Reach is available in souvenir quality and can be unboxed from souvenir packages.

  Descriptive Text

The Nile river has been custom painted on the slide and the grip depicts Ramesses I, the founding pharaoh of ancient Egypt's 19th Dynasty.

  Flavor Text

"My people reach for their Gods, and I am here to connect them"

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The Glock-18 Ramese's Reach can be unboxed from the following container(s):

Paris 2023 Anubis Souvenir Package

An un-opened Paris 2023 Anubis Souvenir Package


Container Series #384

Anubis Collection Package

An un-opened Anubis Collection Package


Container Series #378

All Ramese's Reach Skins

Only one Ramese's Reach CS:GO skin has been introduced since 2023.


Glock-18 | Ramese's Reach
Introduced: 24 April 2023
The Anubis Collection

Alternative Glock-18 Skins

Some alternative Glock-18 skins with the same Restricted rarity include the Dragon Tattoo, Fade, Steel Disruption, Grinder, Royal Legion, Brass, Weasel and Moonrise.

Dragon Tattoo

Glock-18 | Dragon Tattoo
Introduced: 14 August 2013
The Arms Deal Collection


Glock-18 | Fade
Introduced: 14 August 2013
The Assault Collection

Steel Disruption

Glock-18 | Steel Disruption
Introduced: 10 July 2014
The eSports 2014 Summer Collection


Glock-18 | Grinder
Introduced: 11 November 2014
The Vanguard Collection

Royal Legion

Glock-18 | Royal Legion
Introduced: 17 February 2016
The Wildfire Collection


Glock-18 | Brass
Introduced: 14 August 2013
The Dust Collection


Glock-18 | Weasel
Introduced: 18 August 2016
The Gamma 2 Collection


Glock-18 | Moonrise
Introduced: 15 February 2018
The Clutch Collection