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‘The Doctor’ Romanov | Sabre

Master Agent
Shattered Web Agents
18th November 2019
"It’s simple. We make a plan and the plan is to win."
After expertly smuggling pharmaceuticals across disputed borders for over 30 years, the 'doctor' now leads Sabre’s Utility Disruption Operations. Rumoured to be responsible for the synchronized destruction of several UN power facilities, Romanov is known by his enemies to be calculating, deliberate, and frighteningly precise. Of course, his mother says he’s just mixed up with the wrong crowd.

'The Doctor' Romanov is a Terrorist CS:GO agent from the Shattered Web Agents collection introduced on 18th November 2019.
This agent can be randomly given as part of the Master Agent reward when the player earns 100 stars from operation missions in Operation Shattered Web. Alternatively, this agent can be purchased from the Steam Community Market.

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