Officer Jacques Beltram | Gendarmerie Nationale

CS2 Agent Officer Jacques Beltram Gendarmerie Nationale

Officer Jacques Beltram is a CS2/CS:GO agent introduced 2 years ago on 22 September 2021 as part of the Riptide Agents collection. Their affiliation with Gendarmerie Nationale makes them a CT agent.

"We do what we have to do."


Officer Jacques Beltram
Gendarmerie Nationale
Riptide Agents
Exceptional Agent
22 September 2021

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Marketplace Officer Jacques Beltram | Gendarmerie Nationale
Steam logo $9.56
Skinport logo $7.58
DMarket logo $6.70
CS.MONEY logo $8.44
BitSkins logo $7.94

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First Appeared
21 September 2021

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A highly decorated Officer for the Gendarmerie, Beltram was awarded the Legion of Honor for swapping places with a hostage and thwarting terrorist activity on more than one occasion. Beltram is a hero, a single father, and a passionate consumer of pain au chocolate at all times of day.

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