Sticker Capsule 2

An unopened Sticker Capsule 2

The Sticker Capsule 2 is a CS2/CS:GO sticker capsule introduced 10 years ago on 27 February 2014. The sticker capsule contains CS2/CS:GO stickers.


Sticker Capsule 2
Container Series
Sticker Capsule
Sticker Capsule 2
Consumer Grade
27 February 2014

All CS2 stickers in the Sticker Capsule 2

StickerCrown (Foil)

Exotic Sticker
Sticker | Crown (Foil)
Offers starting from$561.00

StickerBosh (Holo)

Remarkable Sticker
Sticker | Bosh (Holo)
Offers starting from$2.96

StickerBash (Holo)

Remarkable Sticker
Sticker | Bash (Holo)
Offers starting from$3.82

StickerBish (Holo)

Remarkable Sticker
Sticker | Bish (Holo)
Offers starting from$3.90


High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Metal
Offers starting from$0.38

StickerChicken Lover

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Chicken Lover
Offers starting from$0.43

StickerNice Shot

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Nice Shot
Offers starting from$1.32

StickerCT in Banana

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | CT in Banana
Offers starting from$0.80

StickerGood Game

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Good Game
Offers starting from$4.97


High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Banana
Offers starting from$0.92

StickerGood Luck

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Good Luck
Offers starting from$0.88

StickerHave Fun

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Have Fun
Offers starting from$0.70

StickerLet's Roll-oll

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Let
Offers starting from$0.25

StickerBomb Code

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Bomb Code
Offers starting from$0.93

Current Market Prices

Marketplace Sticker Capsule 2
Steam logo $15.52
Skinport logo $13.69
DMarket logo $13.25
CS.MONEY logo No Listings
BitSkins logo $10.65

Steam Market Statistics

First Appeared
27 February 2014

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