Community Sticker Capsule 1

An unopened Community Sticker Capsule 1

The Community Sticker Capsule 1 is a CS2/CS:GO sticker capsule introduced 10 years ago on 01 May 2014. The sticker capsule contains CS2/CS:GO stickers.


Community Sticker Capsule 1
Container Series
Sticker Capsule
Community Sticker Capsule 1
Consumer Grade
01 May 2014

All CS2 stickers in the Community Sticker Capsule 1

StickerFlammable (Foil)

Exotic Sticker
Sticker | Flammable (Foil)
Offers starting from$120.00

StickerHeadhunter (Foil)

Exotic Sticker
Sticker | Headhunter (Foil)
Offers starting from$33.53

StickerSwag (Foil)

Exotic Sticker
Sticker | Swag (Foil)
Offers starting from$60.34

StickerTeamwork (Holo)

Remarkable Sticker
Sticker | Teamwork (Holo)
Offers starting from$0.92

StickerRekt (Holo)

Remarkable Sticker
Sticker | Rekt (Holo)
Offers starting from$1.09

StickerShave Master

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Shave Master
Offers starting from$0.40

StickerSneaky Beaky Like

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Sneaky Beaky Like
Offers starting from$0.39

StickerLlama Cannon

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Llama Cannon
Offers starting from$0.08

StickerMy Other Awp

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | My Other Awp
Offers starting from$0.56


High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Backstab
Offers starting from$0.56

StickerTo B or not to B

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | To B or not to B
Offers starting from$0.46

StickerPocket BBQ

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Pocket BBQ
Offers starting from$0.17

StickerBomb Doge

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Bomb Doge
Offers starting from$1.34

StickerBurn Them All

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Burn Them All
Offers starting from$0.20

StickerRising Skull

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Rising Skull
Offers starting from$0.77

StickerDeath Comes

High Grade Sticker
Sticker | Death Comes
Offers starting from$0.69

Current Market Prices

Marketplace Community Sticker Capsule 1
Steam logo $2.80
Skinport logo $3.25
DMarket logo $2.78
CS.MONEY logo No Listings
BitSkins logo $2.47

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First Appeared
01 May 2014

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