USP-S | Jawbreaker

CS2 Skin USP-S Jawbreaker

The USP-S Jawbreaker is a CS2/CS:GO skin from The Kilowatt Collection and was introduced 4 months ago on 06 February 2024. The skin is classified rarity. It has a float score between 0 and 1 making it available in wear conditions ranging from Factory New to Battle-Scarred.

The Jawbreaker has a 3.2% chance of being unboxed from a weapon case in Standard quality. The chance of unboxing it in StatTrak quality is much lower at 0.32%.

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The cheapest price for the USP-S | Jawbreaker is $4.33. The most expensive price by comparison is $55.00.

The lowest price for each variant across all markets are listed in green in the table below.


The USP-S Jawbreaker can be unboxed from the following containers:

Weapon CaseKilowatt Case

Consumer Grade Container
Kilowatt Case
Offers starting from$0.61
Introduced: 06 February 2024



This custom painted USP-S uses high gloss paint and depicts a dog barking from the grip to the silencer. The silencer reads "GOOD DOGGY".

Inspect the USP-S Jawbreaker in CS2.

Flavor Text

I said "sit"!

All Jawbreaker Skins


Classified Pistol
USP-S Jawbreaker
$4.33 - $21.05$9.97 - $73.95
The Kilowatt Collection USP-S Jawbreaker Skin & Pricing Details

Alternative USP-S Skins

Below are some alternative CS2 skins of Classified rarity for the USP-S:


Classified Pistol
USP-S Serum
$28.01 - $69.98$33.95 - $67.00
The Arms Deal 2 Collection USP-S Serum Skin & Pricing Details


Classified Pistol
USP-S Orion
$37.55 - $102.98$69.42 - $405.00
The Huntsman Collection USP-S Orion Skin & Pricing Details


Classified Pistol
USP-S Caiman
$37.29 - $66.15$42.72 - $120.80
The Huntsman Collection USP-S Caiman Skin & Pricing Details


Classified Pistol
USP-S Cortex
$1.18 - $9.75$3.07 - $29.30
The Clutch Collection USP-S Cortex Skin & Pricing Details

Target Acquired

Classified Pistol
USP-S Target Acquired
$73.20 - $320.46

Monster Mashup

Classified Pistol
USP-S Monster Mashup
$13.35 - $51.45$17.09 - $163.56
The Operation Broken Fang Collection USP-S Monster Mashup Skin & Pricing Details


Classified Pistol
USP-S Whiteout
$21.26 - $266.45
The 2021 Train Collection USP-S Whiteout Skin & Pricing Details