AK-47 | Jet Set

CS2 Skin AK-47 Jet Set

The AK-47 Jet Set is a CS2 skin from The Baggage Collection and was introduced 9 years ago on 1 July 2014. The skin is classified rarity.

Compare Skin Market Prices

The cheapest price for the AK-47 | Jet Set is $212.92. The most expensive price by comparison is $781.98.

The lowest price for each variant across all markets are listed in green in the table below.


The AK-47 Jet Set cannot be unboxed from any weapon cases or souvenir packages. It was only available for a limited time and is unlikely to be made available again in the future.


Flavor Text

Anyone paying close attention will connect the dots and see what she did. We don't have much time to find a solution... - A Father's Love Part 1

All Jet Set Skins

Jet Set

Classified Rifle
AK-47 Jet Set
$212.92 - $1000.00
The Baggage Collection AK-47 Jet Set Skin & Pricing Details

Alternative AK-47 Skins

Below are some alternative CS2 skins of Classified rarity for the AK-47:

Case Hardened

Classified Rifle
AK-47 Case Hardened
$165.78 - $530.00$310.60 - $1227.50

Red Laminate

Classified Rifle
AK-47 Red Laminate
$36.90 - $396.42$113.11 - $1346.00
The eSports 2013 Collection AK-47 Red Laminate Skin & Pricing Details


Classified Rifle
AK-47 Redline
$10.34 - $118.00$21.04 - $276.77
The Phoenix Collection AK-47 Redline Skin & Pricing Details

Point Disarray

Classified Rifle
AK-47 Point Disarray
$6.83 - $49.78$18.00 - $102.39
The Revolver Case Collection AK-47 Point Disarray Skin & Pricing Details

Frontside Misty

Classified Rifle
AK-47 Frontside Misty
$7.13 - $90.08$20.39 - $179.99


Classified Rifle
AK-47 Cartel
$9.14 - $37.95$27.94 - $95.26
The Chroma Collection AK-47 Cartel Skin & Pricing Details


Classified Rifle
AK-47 Hydroponic
$505.50 - $2500.00
The Rising Sun Collection AK-47 Hydroponic Skin & Pricing Details

Phantom Disruptor

Classified Rifle
AK-47 Phantom Disruptor
$2.99 - $13.22$7.89 - $43.58