AK-47 | Inheritance

CS2 Skin AK-47 Inheritance

The AK-47 Inheritance is a CS2 skin from The Kilowatt Collection and was introduced 3 months ago on 06 February 2024. The skin is covert rarity. It has a float score between 0 and 0.8 making it available in wear conditions ranging from Factory New to Battle-Scarred.

The Inheritance has a 0.64% chance of being unboxed from a weapon case in Standard quality. The chance of unboxing it in StatTrak quality is much lower at 0.064%.

Compare Skin Market Prices

The cheapest price for the AK-47 | Inheritance is $65.46. The most expensive price by comparison is $609.98.

The lowest price for each variant across all markets are listed in green in the table below.


The AK-47 Inheritance can be unboxed from the following containers:

Weapon CaseKilowatt Case

Consumer Grade Container
Kilowatt Case
Offers starting from$0.55
Introduced: 06 February 2024



This custom paint job takes inspiration from traditional Chinese porcelain and Delft Blauw art.

Inspect the AK-47 Inheritance in CS2.

Flavor Text

A "family" heirloom, passed through generations

All Inheritance Skins


Covert Rifle
AK-47 Inheritance
$65.46 - $287.34$111.65 - $699.99

Alternative AK-47 Skins

Below are some alternative CS2 skins of Covert rarity for the AK-47:

Fire Serpent

Covert Rifle
AK-47 Fire Serpent
$469.97 - $3048.29$870.00 - $6010.09

Fuel Injector

Covert Rifle
AK-47 Fuel Injector
$86.86 - $650.48$172.10 - $977.84

Aquamarine Revenge

Covert Rifle
AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge
$13.37 - $116.74$39.63 - $297.07

Wasteland Rebel

Covert Rifle
AK-47 Wasteland Rebel
$22.91 - $270.76$72.64 - $1590.00


Covert Rifle
AK-47 Jaguar
$29.49 - $9999.00$71.11 - $708.40
The eSports 2014 Summer Collection AK-47 Jaguar Skin & Pricing Details


Covert Rifle
AK-47 Vulcan
$75.00 - $1092.00$129.99 - $1698.01
The Huntsman Collection AK-47 Vulcan Skin & Pricing Details

Neon Revolution

Covert Rifle
AK-47 Neon Revolution
$10.96 - $94.66$29.57 - $195.15


Covert Rifle
AK-47 Bloodsport
$84.91 - $160.75$115.01 - $542.33
The Spectrum Collection AK-47 Bloodsport Skin & Pricing Details