X-Ray P250 Package

The X-Ray P250 Package is a weapon case introduced on 30 September 2019. The weapon case contains CS:GO skins from The X-Ray Collection.

It was originally introduced to CS:GO players in France on 30 September 2019. It was later made available for purchase to the rest of the world on 3 October 2019.

  • The code on the side of the package reads 'FR - 30919' - the 'FR' is the country code for France whilst '30919' is the original release date of the package
  • This is the only weapon case with only one skin
  • This is the only weapon case that can be purchased directly from Valve within the CS:GO game client
30 September 2019
The X-Ray Collection

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All CS:GO skins from the X-Ray P250 Package

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