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John ‘Van Healen’ Kask | SWAT

Exceptional Agent
Broken Fang Agents
3rd December 2020
"I can bring you back to life, but I can't make you live."
John 'Van Healen' Kask is one of SWATs best tactical defence units and on-site military paramedics. He also shreds a mean guitar—sometimes mid-operation. He says it helps get his teammates' blood pumping just as effectively as an AED, which he keeps ready in case of emergency.

John 'Van Healen' Kask is a Counter-Terrorist CS:GO agent from the Broken Fang Agents collection introduced on 3rd December 2020.
This agent is one of the possible Exceptional Agent rewards the player can receive when spending 7 stars in the Operation Broken Fang Shop within the CS:GO game client. Alternatively, this agent can be purchased from the Steam Community Market.

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