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The default M249

A strong open-area LMG, the M249 is the perfect choice for players willing to trade a slow fire rate for increased accuracy and a high ammo capacity.

All CS:GO skins for the M249

M249 | Nebula Crusader

$1.06 - $3.40

The Shadow Collection
M249 | Emerald Poison Dart


The Spectrum Collection
M249 | Aztec

$0.44 - $0.97

The CS20 Collection
M249 | Downtown

$0.71 - $0.88

The Recoil Collection
M249 | Magma

$1.34 - $1.47

The Winter Offensive Collection
M249 | Spectre

No Pricing Available

The Chroma 3 Collection
M249 | System Lock


The Chroma Collection
M249 | Warbird

No Pricing Available

The Shattered Web Collection
M249 | Deep Relief


The Operation Broken Fang Collection
M249 | O.S.I.P.R.

$0.14 - $0.42

The Snakebite Collection
M249 | Humidor

$5.82 - $6.45

The 2021 Mirage Collection
M249 | Blizzard Marbleized


The Office Collection
M249 | Shipping Forecast


The Gods and Monsters Collection
M249 | Gator Mesh

$0.10 - $0.17

The Safehouse Collection
M249 | Midnight Palm


The 2021 Dust 2 Collection
M249 | Jungle DDPAT

No Pricing Available

The Alpha Collection
M249 | Impact Drill


The Chop Shop Collection
M249 | Contrast Spray

$0.20 - $3.28

The Overpass Collection
M249 | Jungle

$1.43 - $1.86

The St. Marc Collection
M249 | Predator


The Havoc Collection

M249 Technical Specifications

Detail Value
Ammunition M249 has 100 in the weapon/magazine with 200 in reserve for a total of 300.
Damage M249 deals 32 damage per shot before any deductions for armour and range penalties.
Fire Rate M249 has a fire rate of 12 shots per second.
Recoil Control M249 has a bullet grouping accuracy of 72 when fired rapidly or on full-auto.
Accurate Range M249 has a first shot accuracy of 17 meters when hitting a 30cm diamater target.
Armour Penetration M249 has an armour penetration value of 160.

Most Expensive and Cheapest M249 Skins