This page details the definitions of various CS:GO terminology used during a typical game of CS:GO.

Term Definition
Ace Where a single player on a team successfully kills the entire enemy team
Anchor A player who defends a bombsite and doesn’t rotate till the bomb has been spotted (or planted) elsewhere. Also used by teammates to describe the bottom-fragger/dead-weight on their team
Anti-Eco When the enemy team has to eco so you purchase weapons such as SMG’s and shotguns to maximise kill rewards for that round
Auto-sniper, Dak-Dak A player using either a SCAR-20 or G3SG1
Baiting Allowing a teammate to push into an area to enable another player to determine the locations of various players on the opposing team, usually followed up with a trade. Also when a player shoulder-peeks an angle/corner in an effort to get the enemy player to fire a shot
Bankroll Purchasing Negevs or Auto-snipers on the last round of a half or game
Bhop, Bunny Hopping Where a player jumps left to right at an angle to achieve a greater velocity
Boost Where a player or object is used to elevate a player. Also where one player cheats in lobby of friends in an effort to push their friends into competitive ranks that are above their skill level
Bot An AI controlled player. Also used to describe a player who isn’t as skilled as the rest of their teammates

“Even a bot would be better than this player…”

Burst Firing your weapon with around 3-4 shots with each pull of the trigger for improved accuracy and maximum damage if a clean head-shot can’t be achieved
Buy Up, Buy Out Where all players buy all gear, grenades and weapons on the last round of the half or game
Caller, Strat Caller The player who communicates the strategies to the rest of their team

“Okay team, 2 A, 2 B, and 1 mid.”

Camper A player who sits in a strategic spot (often behind an object or wall) waiting for the enemy to pass-by unaware of them
Carry The top fragger who has significantly more frags in comparison to the rest of their team and is making a significant impact on rounds to ensure a victory
Cheater, Hacker, Script-Kiddie A player who uses external scripts/programs to give them an advantage in-game – examples include wall-hacking, aim-bot, trigger-bot and bhop scripts
Choke, Whiff Failing to get an easy/free frag
Close ____ A call that points out the location of the enemy around a corner

“One T close left by forklift.”

Clutch Where the last player on a team successfully wins the round for their team, for example winning a 1v5
Cocky Bankroll Where all players in a team buyout and leave excess weapons on the ground in their spawn for the chickens
CoD Gun AUG/SG 553
Collateral, Collat Short for ‘Collateral’ – where a single shot kills two or more players (typically from a weapon such as the AWP)

“Wow that guy got a triple collat on A long doors!”

Cross-fire Two players (usually CT side or after-plant) holding one choke point on opposite ends
Deagle Short for Desert Eagle
Deco An eco round using Desert Eagles (Deagles)
Default Standard team setup when no strat has been called. Also used to refer to a common plant-spot on a bombsite
Demo, GOTV Demo, POV Demo A replay of a competitive match – for example GOTV
Dink An enemy player who is wearing a helmet and has been shot in the head but not killed with a weapon such as an M4, FAMAS, Galil or pistols
Double Peek Two players peeking a specific direction at the same time in an effort to get a trade
Drop Where a player requires a weapon due to insufficient funds

“Need a drop pls”

Dropped an X bomb Used to describe a player who dropped a high amount of frags usually above 30

“Player X dropped a 40 bomb that game!”

Dry No grenades being used
Eco Purchasing only pistols or a few grenades to save money for future rounds
Entry A frag that opens up a bombsite for the rest of the team (not always the first kill of the round)
Exit Fragging Where the last player(s) on a team stand near to common bombsite exits to kill the enemy as they attempt to flee
Fake Throwing utility such as smokes and flashbangs, or showing players in one area to trick the enemy team into thinking you are going there – hopefully resulting in an early rotate by the enemy thus allowing easy entry for the rest of team to gain access to the opposite bombsite
Fake Flash Throwing an item such as a decoy or pistol to replicate a flashbang to cause your enemy to potentially look away
Flaming A player who’s intention is to insult their teammates or the enemy players to make other players frustrated/td>
Force Buy, Force Purchasing everything a player can with the money they have – normally done during crucial stages of a match
Frag, Kill A confirmed kill
Glass-Cannon A player using an AWP with no kevlar
Golden Ace An Ace but with all frags being head-shots
Goosh Head-shotting a helmet-less player but it doesn’t kill them – for example a Glock-18 head-shot
Griefing Where a player intentionally tries to lose the game through various means such as team killing, committing suicide, blocking teammates or calling out their teammates in global chat for the enemy to see
Headshot Angle, Headglitch Sitting or standing behind cover or situating yourself in a position where only your head is visible to the enemy
Hold Sites/Play Safe As a CT with limited weapons you go for close range engagements with the T’s without peeking or pushing
Holding an Angle/Posting Standing in a specific position holding an angle for an indefinite amount of time (most commonly with the AWP) waiting for a pick or a call to rotate
Jiggle Peek Strafing around a corner or angle back and forth to often to bait out a shot from the enemy to determine the enemy position
Kappa Often said to indicate a joke or comment that shouldn’t be taken seriously

“Throwing for skins kappa”

Kit Short for ‘Defuse Kit’ or ‘Hostage Rescue Kit’. The Defuse Kit decreases the defuse time from 10 seconds to 5 seconds whereas the Hostage Rescue Kit reduces the pick-up time from 4 seconds to 1 second
Legged Where a player has been shot in the leg (and lit for 85) by an AWP making the player a 1-shot kill

“Legged one at A long.”

Lit/Tagged, Low HP, 1-shot, 1-hit Typically used to refer to a player who will die with just one hit though it can be used in a call stating how much damage was dealt.

“Player X is lit for 72”

Molly Molotov / Incendiary Grenade
NA ____ An insult to describe a players action as being poor

“OMG NA communication…”

Nade Stack, Air-Strike Where a group of players (or even the whole team) throw HE grenades in a specific direction
Ninja As a CT, defusing a bomb whilst severely outnumbered by T’s without them realising – commonly used with a Defuse Kit, a smoke and sometimes flashes
No honour, Coward When a player accepts a knife-only fight and proceeds to shoot the enemy instead
Off Angle Holding an angle or sitting in a position that the enemy is unlikely to check or pre-aim
One-and-Done Spot A position that is often an off-angle that enables the player to get one kill, but should another enemy appear they will most certainly die due to the inability to flee the one-and-done spot safely

Professional CS:GO player Josh “Steel” Nissan has produced a great video explaining this concept.

One/Juan Deag A one-tap head-shot kill with a Deagle
One Way Smoke A smoke which conceals you from the enemy whilst enabling you to still see the enemy
Peek Where a player moves around a corner or angle to get a visible angle on an enemy player – often done with scoped weapons such as the AWP
Pick Getting a frag that gives a team a man advantage and more map control – commonly the first frag of the round
Plant An instruction given to activate/arm the bomb at a bombsite

“Plant at A.”

Plant Safe Planting the bomb in a position that can be seen by CT’s attempting to retake the bombsite
Planting for ____ Planting the bomb in a position which is exposed and favours the T to kill the CT as s/he tries to defuse while the T is in a relatively safe spot

“Planting for A main/squeaky door.” on Cache

Play for Picks/Default Setup As a T not over-extending, trying to acquire map control and trying to wait for anxious CT’s to push giving the T’s a free pick
Pop-flash A flashbang that gives enemies little time to react and turn their head away causing them to get blinded
Pre-fire Firing your weapon in the direction where you expect the enemy player to appear before you can see them due to factors such as seeing a shadow or hearing footsteps
Push An instruction given to make entry into an area regardless of the circumstances or consequences thereafter

“I hear them rotating to B – go push A bombsite now and get the plant!”

Quasi Buy Purchasing just enough weapons or utility so that a full buy can be made next round
Raid Boss, Tank A player who purchases Kevlar and is then dropped a Tec-9/Five-SeveN by a teammate on a pistol round
Rotate Where a player leaves their position to attack/defend another position often between bombsites
Run-out Where a player holds a position to enable their teammate(s) to leave another area safely

“I’m watching A Main, run-out.”

Run and Gun A player who fires their weapon whilst running (causing severely reduced accuracy), only really effective with weapons such as the P90 in lower ranks

“Stop running and gunning you noob!”

Rush, Storm Where players run to a specific area or bombsite in the hope of outnumbering the enemy and catching them off-guard or unprepared

“Rush B – no stop!”

Salty Used to describe a player who flames players from the opposing team, often after losing a round

“Can I have some more chips with that salt please?”

Saving To save all your items (such as weapons, Kevlar and grenades) for use in the next round, often done in situations like 1v5s
Shift, Walk Holding down the default key for walking which is the left-shift key to prevent the enemy from hearing footsteps

“Shift! Dude, shift or they’ll hear you!”

Shoulder Peeking Where a player peeks an angle/corner by only showing their shoulder to bait out a shot from the enemy
Site Execute A pre-planned strategy using smokes, flashes and mollies to get entry onto a site and successfully plant the bomb using good player co-ordination
Skins A cosmetic pattern or design that is applied to a weapon
Smurf, Smurfing A player who uses another account that has a lower rank than their main account to play against lower-ranked players
Solo Queue Searching for a competitive game without anybody else (not in a lobby)
Spray Holding down the trigger key resulting in reduced accuracy and high-recoil in most weapons

“He’s low HP, just spray him down.”

Stacking Where more players are defending or attacking a specific site than usual – for example having all 5 CT’s defending bombsite A
Strategy, Strat Short for strategy – an instruction given usually by the team leader/caller
Surfing A game-mode found on many community servers where the player ‘surfs’ around a map whilst trying to maintain velocity to make jumps. Players often compete to complete a course or to reach the furthest distance
Suspicious, Sus A player who is making suspicious plays and may be using cheats
Tank A player who is performing exceptionally well
Tap Pressing the trigger key once at a time for the best accuracy and least recoil
Tilt A player who becomes toxic and mad when they are losing or not performing well

“I’m tilting right now!”

Toggle Where a cheater switches their cheats on and off to try to cover their cheats up. Also used to refer to a player who has suddenly stepped-up their game
Totem One player standing on top of another
Toxic Used as a position callout on some maps or used to describe a verbally abusive player
Trade, Trading Where two players commit and a teammate is killed leaving the remaining teammate with the responsibility of killing the enemy who killed his teammate. Also used to describe where a friendly players kills an enemy but is then killed by another enemy player
Utility Anything that isn’t a fire-arm including Kevlar, helmet, defuse kit and grenades
Walling, Wall hack A form of hacking where the player walling can see through walls and objects

“Player X is blatantly walling…”

Wall-banging Shooting a player through a surface such as an object or wall that can be penetrated by bullets
Warmup Warrior A player who treats warmup as the actual match – buying and using nades, calling positions for teammates and spawn camping

“Calm down Warmup Warrior, no need to spawn camp them.”

White, Blind, Flashed A player who has been blinded by a flashbang

“I’m white!”

(X)k The number of frags a specific player acquired in a round

“Player X got a 4k that round…”

2-5 man Searching for a competitive game in a lobby with friends

“We’re a 5 man team.”

5k decoy A player who uses an AWP but can’t use it effectively/misses all their shots

“Stop being a 5k decoy…”


The AWPer
A player who’s primary weapon is an AWP (or a scout where required). They are typically the most skilled player on the team with the AWP and are effective with the weapon in more situations than most players.

Entry Fragger

The Fragger
A player who specialises in getting early kills at the beginning of a round often by catching the enemy off-guard or unprepared whilst obtaining critical information at the expense of their life.

In-Game Leader (IGL)

The Leader
A player who is either a natural or elected leader of the team. They are often the strat caller and are typically very skilled in reading the enemies movements and positions based on previous rounds.


The Support
A player who assists another teammate in holding an area or bombsite by playing off each other without much communication. Support players also set-up smokes and flashes ready for an entry.


The Lurker
A player who is skilled in sneaking up behind the enemy to determine where the enemy is going and communicating this information back to their team. Lurkers also sit in corners/places that most players don’t check when rotating allowing the lurker to kill some of the enemies before they reach the bombsite.


Abbreviation Definition
BM Bad Manners
CT Counter-Terrorist
EZ Easy
FF Friendly Fire
GG Good Game
GH Good Half
GJ Good Job
GLHF Good Luck Have Fun
GOTV Global Offensive Television
HF Have Fun
HP Health Points
K/D Kill/Death (ratio)
LMS Last Man Standing
L2P Learn To Play
NS Nice Shot
NT Nice Try
NW Need Weapon
PUG Pick Up Game
T Terrorist
TK Team Kill
UL Unlucky
WP Well Played
/s Sarcasm

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