The St. Marc Collection

The St. Marc Collection emblem

The St. Marc Collection is a Valve-made CS2 skin collection introduced 4 years ago on 18 November 2019.

Consumer 5
Industrial 4
Mil-spec 4
Restricted 3
Classified 1
Covert 1
Skins from The St. Marc Collection are not obtainable through the weekly drop.

All CS2 skins from The St. Marc Collection

AK-47Wild Lotus

Covert Rifle
AK-47 Wild Lotus
$2839.99 - $20806.23
The St. Marc Collection AK-47 Wild Lotus Skin & Pricing Details

MP9Wild Lily

Classified SMG
MP9 Wild Lily
$1189.99 - $2530.00
The St. Marc Collection MP9 Wild Lily Skin & Pricing Details

AUGMidnight Lily

Restricted Rifle
AUG Midnight Lily
$201.10 - $445.32

Glock-18Synth Leaf

Restricted Pistol
Glock-18 Synth Leaf
$204.00 - $445.02

SSG 08Sea Calico

Restricted Sniper Rifle
SSG 08 Sea Calico
$205.00 - $490.00


Mil-spec Rifle
FAMAS Sundown
$69.05 - $300.00
The St. Marc Collection FAMAS Sundown Skin & Pricing Details

Five-SeveNCrimson Blossom

Mil-spec Pistol
Five-SeveN Crimson Blossom
$40.10 - $183.14

MP7Teal Blossom

Mil-spec SMG
MP7 Teal Blossom
$74.50 - $200.00
The St. Marc Collection MP7 Teal Blossom Skin & Pricing Details

UMP-45Day Lily

Mil-spec SMG
UMP-45 Day Lily
$71.99 - $200.00
The St. Marc Collection UMP-45 Day Lily Skin & Pricing Details

M4A4Dark Blossom

Industrial Rifle
M4A4 Dark Blossom
$18.83 - $60.00

P90Sunset Lily

Industrial SMG
P90 Sunset Lily
$18.69 - $75.00
The St. Marc Collection P90 Sunset Lily Skin & Pricing Details

Tec-9Rust Leaf

Industrial Pistol
Tec-9 Rust Leaf
$19.17 - $85.00
The St. Marc Collection Tec-9 Rust Leaf Skin & Pricing Details

XM1014Banana Leaf

Industrial Shotgun
XM1014 Banana Leaf
$18.00 - $29.24


Consumer Machine Gun
M249 Jungle
$1.46 - $40.00
The St. Marc Collection M249 Jungle Skin & Pricing Details


Consumer SMG
MAC-10 Surfwood
$2.95 - $8.94
The St. Marc Collection MAC-10 Surfwood Skin & Pricing Details

MP5-SDBamboo Garden

Consumer SMG
MP5-SD Bamboo Garden
$3.17 - $7.33


Consumer SMG
PP-Bizon Seabird
$3.09 - $7.20
The St. Marc Collection PP-Bizon Seabird Skin & Pricing Details

Sawed-OffJungle Thicket

Consumer Shotgun
Sawed-Off Jungle Thicket
$3.25 - $10.00

About The St. Marc Collection

The CS:GO skins in the St. Marc collection are inspired by the location of the map (de_stmarc) which takes place at a coastal port town in Haiti. Most of the skins feature a variety of floral patterns or wild flowers such as the Lotus, Lily, Blossom. Some skins also feature textures of the environment such as the Jungle, Surfwood and Bamboo.

The St. Marc map features in the Demolition and Arms Race game-modes.

This collection was exclusive to players who had activated an Operation Shattered Web Battle Pass and was only available for the duration of the operation. It did not return for the following CS:GO operation - Broken Fang.