Operation Hydra Case

An unopened Operation Hydra Case

The Operation Hydra Case is a CS2/CS:GO weapon case introduced 7 years ago on 23 May 2017 as part of the "Operation Hydra" update. The weapon case contains CS2/CS:GO skins from The Operation Hydra Collection.

It was the first operation case to be severely restricted in volume with each player only being eligible to obtain up to a maximum of 9 cases. As a result this heavily limited the total number of Hydra cases that were awarded to operation pass holders, which in turn has driven up the price of the case higher than any other operation case (with the exception of the Bravo case).

At the conclusion of Operation Hydra the case was immediately moved to the rare drop pool.


Operation Hydra Case
Container Series
The Operation Hydra Collection
Consumer Grade
23 May 2017

All CS2 skins in the Operation Hydra Case

Five-SeveNHyper Beast

Covert Pistol
Five-SeveN Hyper Beast
$18.03 - $135.00$57.41 - $2062.47
The Operation Hydra Collection Five-SeveN Hyper Beast Skin & Pricing Details

AWPOni Taiji

Covert Sniper Rifle
AWP Oni Taiji
$153.74 - $568.00$281.07 - $1002.31
The Operation Hydra Collection AWP Oni Taiji Skin & Pricing Details


Classified Rifle
M4A4 Hellfire
$35.25 - $110.00$56.70 - $169.61
The Operation Hydra Collection M4A4 Hellfire Skin & Pricing Details

Galil ARSugar Rush

Classified Rifle
Galil AR Sugar Rush
$28.57 - $115.00$56.26 - $199.99
The Operation Hydra Collection Galil AR Sugar Rush Skin & Pricing Details

Dual BerettasCobra Strike

Classified Pistol
Dual Berettas Cobra Strike
$26.52 - $62.00$53.40 - $140.00
The Operation Hydra Collection Dual Berettas Cobra Strike Skin & Pricing Details

AK-47Orbit Mk01

Restricted Rifle
AK-47 Orbit Mk01
$9.80 - $25.27$26.36 - $63.00
The Operation Hydra Collection AK-47 Orbit Mk01 Skin & Pricing Details

SSG 08Death's Head

Restricted Sniper Rifle
SSG 08 Death
$5.42 - $11.14$10.15 - $35.29
The Operation Hydra Collection SSG 08 Death's Head Skin & Pricing Details

P90Death Grip

Restricted SMG
P90 Death Grip
$5.16 - $12.84$8.45 - $41.54
The Operation Hydra Collection P90 Death Grip Skin & Pricing Details

P250Red Rock

Restricted Pistol
P250 Red Rock
$5.12 - $18.50$6.82 - $35.97
The Operation Hydra Collection P250 Red Rock Skin & Pricing Details


Restricted Pistol
P2000 Woodsman
$5.54 - $37.39$9.38 - $33.10
The Operation Hydra Collection P2000 Woodsman Skin & Pricing Details


Mil-spec Pistol
USP-S Blueprint
$2.48 - $32.95$4.73 - $145.00
The Operation Hydra Collection USP-S Blueprint Skin & Pricing Details


Mil-spec Rifle
FAMAS Macabre
$2.14 - $6.15$2.38 - $9999.00
The Operation Hydra Collection FAMAS Macabre Skin & Pricing Details


Mil-spec Rifle
M4A1-S Briefing
$1.00 - $11.78$5.75 - $36.50
The Operation Hydra Collection M4A1-S Briefing Skin & Pricing Details


Mil-spec SMG
MAC-10 Aloha
$2.23 - $9.71$3.09 - $7.27
The Operation Hydra Collection MAC-10 Aloha Skin & Pricing Details

MAG-7Hard Water

Mil-spec Shotgun
MAG-7 Hard Water
$2.16 - $4.99$3.70 - $50.00
The Operation Hydra Collection MAG-7 Hard Water Skin & Pricing Details

Tec-9Cut Out

Mil-spec Pistol
Tec-9 Cut Out
$2.11 - $9.30$2.57 - $60.00
The Operation Hydra Collection Tec-9 Cut Out Skin & Pricing Details

UMP-45Metal Flowers

Mil-spec SMG
UMP-45 Metal Flowers
$2.10 - $5.79$3.41 - $7.99
The Operation Hydra Collection UMP-45 Metal Flowers Skin & Pricing Details

All Rare Special Items in the Operation Hydra Case

A total of 24 possible rare special items exist. The odds of unboxing a rare special item from a weapon case is 0.26%.

The cheapest rare special item in the Operation Hydra Case is the Driver Gloves Convoy for $59.99 and the most expensive is the Moto Gloves Spearmint for $18666.10.

Hand WrapsLeather

Extraordinary Gloves
Hand Wraps Leather
$132.45 - $900.00

Hand WrapsSlaughter

Extraordinary Gloves
Hand Wraps Slaughter
$160.46 - $1351.77

Moto GlovesBoom!

Extraordinary Gloves
Moto Gloves Boom!
$79.00 - $1350.68

Moto GlovesEclipse

Extraordinary Gloves
Moto Gloves Eclipse
$73.99 - $1335.00

Sport GlovesArid

Extraordinary Gloves
Sport Gloves Arid
$225.94 - $5000.00

Current Market Prices

Marketplace Operation Hydra Case
Steam logo $20.31
Skinport logo $17.73
DMarket logo $18.06
CS.MONEY logo $17.87
BitSkins logo $17.00

Steam Market Statistics

First Appeared
23 May 2017

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How to obtain

The Operation Hydra Case has a chance of being offered to players with prime status once per week as part of their weekly care package. The odds of receiving a case from the rare case drop pool is 1/100 or 1%.

Alternatively, it can be obtained by trading with other players, or purchasing from the Steam Community Marketplace and some third-party marketplaces.

Price History for the Past 30 Days

Compare the lowest recorded prices for the Operation Hydra Case across Steam, Skinport, DMarket, BitSkins and CS.money over the past 30 days.

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